We see ourselves as encouragers of individual and collective action that matters a whole lot to care for our planet. The farm is a mobilizer.  Moving people from clicking to digging, from posting to face-to-face interaction all while farming, teaching, learning, sharing, caring, and growing a kinder community together.  

NFCF is a farming system open to all.  The goal is to enhance learning through farm-based programs providing students and school communities and volunteers a deep, hands-on connection to the food cycle, sustainable agriculture, and the natural environment. NFCF offers free school field trips and job training programs. Our programs level the learning field for persons of all abilities, languages, identity, ethnicity, and income. Nature does not discriminate. 

We measure impact in exposure to healthy vegetables and time spent exploring outdoors. We measure our impact in ‘ah-ha’ moments, smiles, sweat, and delicious food grown.

The nature of the farm is therapeutic, welcoming, and loving. At NFCF we lead by example planting the seeds of sustainability with the community to inspire large-scale change. We treasure the land and its bounty.

Special Programs:

 “I love it here.  I wish I could come here more often.”

-Higgins Middle School Student