Right in the heart of Peabody, we have healthy restorative farmland ripe for cultivation. This 17 acre farm is where the Newhall Family managed their farm and Tillie‚Äôs Farm Stand for over 100 years. The fields and farm stand are now owned and operated by the City of Peabody. 

Newhall Fields Community Farm leases two acres of land to grow food with and for the community. To start from the ground up, the soil in Newhall Fields is of exceptional quality.  By utilizing regenerative organic agricultural practices, we will build and maintain healthy soils. We are working with the cycles of nature to grow food of exceptional quality and nutrition.

  • NFCF works thoughtfully in concert with the land and the habitat to replenish and revitalize the soil and biodiversity, instead of tilling the land.
  • NFCF incorporates many complementary and diverse plantings for healthy plants, pollinators, and soil, instead of restricting cultivation to multiple rows of single crop.
  • NFCF relies on nutrient-dense plants and healthy soil for bountiful and nutrient dense produce, instead of using synthetic chemical fertilizers.