**Please note: 2020 farm volunteers, out of an abundance of caution during this period of uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not working with farm volunteers for spring time activities. However, we continue to build our Hives (committees), which meet remotely. To join a hive, scroll to the bottom of this page. Please continue to check this website and our social media for update regarding farm volunteering. Updated: April 26, 2020**




Come join the fun on the farm and grow food together for our community from April to November. 

On any day activities might include attention to soil health, seeding, watering, transplanting, weeding, thinning, mulching and harvesting. Instruction and educational opportunities will be provided on what to do on any particular session.  A unique educational component will be part of this community farming activity.  All volunteers must be in High School or accompanied by an adult.

How to prepare for a day on the farm: Wear appropriate farming attire including close-toed shoes, gloves, hat, and apply sunblock.   Bring a full Water Bottle! Remember you are going to get dirty.

Tools: You can bring your own tools if you have them. Please mark them, to identify them as your own. Helpful tools to bring include: gloves, pitch fork, shovel, trowel, weeder, and pruning shears.

Newhall Fields Community Farm Location: 189R Lynn Street, Peabody, MA 01960. Behind Tillie’s Farm Stand – Walk down the path to the left of the large greenhouse.

Parking: Street parking available along Lynn Street on either side of Farm Stand, please do not park in front of Tillie’s Farm Stand or in the parking lot as those spaces are reserved for Tillie’s Farm Stand customers only. No unauthorized vehicles are permitted in the fields. 

Public Transportation:  MBTA Bus route #435 (Liberty Tree Mall to Central Square Lynn) stops at Lynn Street and Fairview Avenue one block from Tillie’s Farm.

Weather cancellations: We work rain or shine. It is your decision to volunteer in the fields or not. If you decide it is too wet, too cold, too hot, etc, then that is your choice. In the event that we cancel a work day, you will be notified via email that morning. For questions about cancellations, please email grow@newhallfieldscommunityfarm.org. 


Event Planning/Event Participation/Marketing Hive

We talk of bringing arts centric events to the farm, as well as a marathon farm day and general herb lessons with Rebecca. We plan community events that we will need plenty of help with. There will be a training session at the farm, and we will have volunteer slots you can sign up for.  Join the Hive!

Farming Hive

Great ideas came out of our farming discussions, from the planting of bok choy and cucumber shaped watermelon, to providing local restaurants with a list of available produce, or creating bi-lingual signage for the plants. Even foraging for nutritious weeds! If you would like to be involved in this hive, let us know. Join the Hive!

Fundraising Hive

Help us raise funds for Newhall Fields Community Farm! Let us know if you would like to add to this honey makin’ hive. Join the Hive!

Education Hive

Help plan and teach curriculum to elementary age children in our community.  Discuss sending kids home with the “veggie of the week” to use in a recipe, and generally raising awareness about where food comes from. Come up with creative and inspiring ways to engage our community. Join the Hive!

“From attending the very first meeting with a large diverse group of citizens to watching the growth and the development of Newhall Fields Community Farm has been an amazing journey. The talent and passion from all who volunteer to tend this land and help in the process of growing food for our community is so rewarding.  Teaching others this knowledge though our local schools and hands on experience will continue the legacy of the original family who farmed this land.”

Cheryl Holbert Millard  – NFCF volunteer, photographer, and Peabody Garden Club member